As a toddler, growing up in Boston, I used to tap dance on the benches at Quincy Market and was so darn cute that strangers used to throw money. I have never really grown out of it.

But when I was 14, I did something crazy, something that undermined my inner diva. I went on my first weight loss diet. That spiraled into 9 years of yo-yo dieting and believing I wasn’t good enough to be what my soul was crying out to be: self-confident.

It’s taken me more than 20 years to fix what that first diet and all of its pop-cultural body norms did to my health and my sense of self-worth, but I’m getting there.

The term “diva” originates from late 19th century Italy and, in Latin, literally means ‘goddess.’ Yet, modern society has dragged it through the mud. It’s time to reclaim this word. What others have labeled “a petulant, demanding woman,” I call a goddess who knows her own worth. That is what I believe we were all born to be. Women who know their worth.

Divas are not “one-size-fits-all.” We are all our own brand of diva. Honestly, screw “the new black.” Divas love to stand out. The things that make us different also make us successful. 

Today, my diva-licious work is in the field of body-positive nutrition, focusing on the scientific concept that skinny and healthy are not the same thing. After all, being body-positive doesn’t necessarily mean “forget healthy food and eat all the donuts,” but it does mean that we can be healthy, sexy, fit, strong, confident, and worthy at any size.

Unleash your inner diva.

Starting September 12th
Level One

Join me for level one of my Thrive program. Thrive is my mindful, body-positive, no dieting, feel-good path to being the leading lady of your own life. Level one is four weeks of the basics. Define what it means to you to thrive, understand the foundations of science-based nutrition, and start the process of tapping into your body’s intuition.

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