Unleash your inner diva.

Thrive is my mindful, body-positive, no dieting, feel-good path to being the leading lady of your own life.

Online via the ZOOM platform.

How it works:

We get together once a week for four weeks via the ZOOM platform. As a group, we tackle topics related to nutrition, life-balance, and wellbeing. At the end of each workshop, I give you a challenge. You also give yourself a challenge. One coach goal and one personal goal which you will tackle on your own throughout the week. We come back together the following week to share, as a group, and build on to our knowledge with the next topic.

Included in the program:

  • Access to the ZOOM platform.
  • Recordings of each session.
  • Thrive workbook and intuitive food journal.


  • You may add-on a 20 minute, one-on-one coaching session to help you talk through barriers and personalize your goals.

Level One

We begin with four weeks of the basics. Defining what it means to you to thrive, understanding the foundations of science-based nutrition, and starting the process of tapping into your body’s intuition.

Week 1: What it Means to Thrive

Week 2: Gutsy Greens

Week 3: Carbs: Friend or Foe?

Week 4: Protein for Power

The next Thrive: Level One workshop begins on September 12th. 

Level Two

Advance with four weeks that deepen your knowledge about the cues your body gives you every day and bust a few nutrition myths along the way.

Week 1: The Secret Language of Cravings

Week 2: The Skinny on Fats

Week 3: The Number One Primary Food – Relationships

Week 4: Mission Intuition – Digestion and Slowing Down

The next Thrive: Level Two workshop begins TBD. 

Level Three

The final four weeks of Thrive build skills of mastery when it comes to making choices that put you back in the spotlight of leading lady of your own life. We examine opportunities to use mindfulness to increase your intuition about what foods are right for your body, we look, with love, at what your body-type can tell you about yourself, and get real about how to incorporate your new skills, practically, into a hectic, modern life.

Week 1: The Three M’s of Mealtime – Moody, Mindful, Mmmmmm

Week 2: What Your Body-type Says About You

Week 3: Healthy-On-The-Go

Week 4: Letting Go – Success Techniques

The next Thrive: Level Three workshop begins TBD.