A Practical Approach to Health in Our High-Tech World

We live in a hectic, high-tech world. When it comes to diet and nutrition, we have an overload of ideas and information and no time to sort through it all. This workshop series turns down the noise and focuses on the science you need to know about how the body works and gives you tools to tap into your body’s intuition to help you make practical, healthy choices that are right for you.

ScheduleEach workshop will feature approximately 60 minutes of coach-led content and group discussion.

Week 1: Thriving is Nutrition, Not Dieting (Program Intro)

Week 2: Gutsy Greens (and Other Veggies)

Week 3: Carbs: Friend or Foe?

Week 4: Protein for Power

Week 5: The Secret Language of Cravings

Week 6: The “Skinny” On Fats and Cholesterol

Week 7: The Number One Primary Food: Relationships

Week 8: Mission Intuition: Digestion and Slowing Down

Week 9: The Three M’s of Mealtime: Moody, Mindful, Mmmmm

Week 10: What Your Body Type Says About You

Week 11: Healthy On-the-Go

Week 12: Letting Go: Success Techniques (and Program Wrap-Up)

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A Stress Management Workshop Series

We live our lives in front of computer screens. When we need food, we head out to the grocery store. If it’s cold outside, we put on a nice, warm coat. But, when we’re stressed out, our body is still programed to react as though we are out hunting a bear for food. How do we manage your stress response in a high-tech world? This five part series equips your employees with techniques that bring their bodies back into the modern era. 

ScheduleEach workshop will feature approximately 60 minutes of coach-led content and group discussion.

Week 1: Stop Running Away from the Bear! (Stress management and your body)

Week 2: Setting Good Bear Traps (Techniques to manage stress)

Week 3: The Three Bears  (The science behind gratitude, why it works, and how to do it)

Week 4: Rewriting The Story (Putting gratitude to work, part 2)

Week 5: Power Up Your Presence led by Caitlin Green, Self-Love Expert, Life Coach, and Yoga Teacher

Each workshop will feature approximately 60 minutes of coach-led content and group discussion. These programs can be added to the multi-week programs. 

The Sweet Science You Need to Quit Sugar

The Soothing, Scientific Essentials of Sleep

Gratitude: It’s Not Just For Hippies


I had the opportunity to work with Laura through my company’s wellness program. She has brought a wealth of knowledge, energy and the right balance of encouragement vs. challenge to the wellness discipline in our organization, including me personally.  That is not an easy task given how entrenched many of us had become in terms of compromised wellness choices and habits.  While her contributions have been very significant in the near term, I am confident that the true measure of her impact will only be fully realized years later through longer, more active and fulfilling lives.

Dennis Latimer

Executive Vice President, Web Industries

Coach Laura provides tons of information in a comfortable and non-intimidating format with great practical ideas!

Cheri Fraser

Executive Assistant, Loomis Sayles

Coach Laura worked with us through our worksite wellness program. I would recommend her to anyone seeking wellness coaching. I found her to be inspirational and very informative. It was always clear to the CAD Cut team that she had the knowledge and expertise to help us set and meet our health goals.

Ben Winters

General Manager, CAD Cut

Not only is Laura passionate about Wellness but she takes it to a higher level. She remembers personal details that matter and helps you not forget how important the accomplishment of personal goals are to a person’s well being. I believe Laura’s own personal goal of helping people to achieve a healthy self image is a Calling in her life. Anyone that encounters her giftedness will be blessed in many ways.

TR Dreyer

Business Development Manager, Web Industries

Coach Laura delivered very helpful and easy to understand knowledge. Not only does she help you understand how your body processes food but she keeps you laughing the whole time! 

Dr. Danielle Adler

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Boston Physical Therapy and Wellness

I’ve never had so much help with Wellness Coaching as I have gotten from Coach Laura. She is the only person who has ever taken the time to listen to my “story” then craft a solution that didn’t sound like it came from a canned speech.  I particularly remember my question to her about continuing to lose weight after having reached my goal.  Her answer, as close as I can quote it, was, “You’ve reached your goal and your lifestyle has supported maintaining that weight.  There is no reason to try to lose more weight.  Focus on your lifestyle!  If you maintain the healthy lifestyle, your body will tell you if it wants to continue to lose weight.”  I thought that was brilliant.  I’ve shared it with many others.  Wellness is about lifestyle – what a novel concept.  If my lifestyle is unhealthy, my weight won’t matter.  Thank you for giving me that focus.

Phil Johnson

Strategic Account Manager, Web Industries

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